Module 3

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  • Class 1 - Sector-Specific Questionnaires
    • Class 1 - Sector-Specific Questionnaires
    • Quiz 1
  • Class 2 - Energy Sector
    • Class 2 - Energy Sector
    • Quiz 2
  • Class 3 - Transport Sector
    • Class 3 - Transport Sector
    • Quiz 3
  • Class 4 - Materials Sector
    • Class 4 - Materials Sector
    • Quiz 4
  • Class 5 - Agricultural Sector
    • Class 5 - Agricultural Sector
    • Quiz 5
  • Complementary Material
    • Climate and Economy Sector Workbook

  Climate and Economy Sectors


Environmental management must be at the core of companies' strategies and operations to ensure long-term success. This course will help companies put environmental management at the heart of decision-making and take action to meet your stakeholder’s expectations on environmental performance.

Module 3, Climate and Economy Sectors, looks more closely at high-impact sectors and the specific risks and opportunities they face. This module provides an overview of the sector-specific questions for the Energy, Transport, Materials and Agriculture Sectors. 

Category: Companies

General info

  • Sector-specific insights for high impact industries on risks & opportunities
  • Case studies on innovative actions in high impact sectors
  • Sector-specific questions in CDP's questionnaires

Overarching Goals: 

Build capacity to understand and manage impacts

Improve company's environmental performance

Support companies' in reporting to CDP's questionnaires

Module 3 Objectives: 

Introduce sector-specific reporting

Understand risks,  opporutunities, and metrics in high-impact sectors

Target audience

Companies, professionals and individuals who are interested in better understanding corporate environmental management and action and CDP disclosure. 


The course will feature lessons taught via video, reading material with content for further study, multiple-choice questions to assess students' knowledge, a chat for questions and a discussion forum to facilitate conversations between students.


Certificates are awarded to individuals who earn 70% or higher on the course's quiz. 

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