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    Guidance 2021
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    • 2019 Emissions intensities and how to allocate to your customers
    • Scope 1 Training- Supplier Capacity Building 2020
    • Scope 2 Training
    • Water Risk and Accounting
  • Complementary Materials
    • Technical Note on the TCFD
    • Linking GRI and CDP
  • Questionnaires 2021
    • CDP Climate Change 2021
    • CDP Water Security 2021
    • CDP Forests 2021
  • Guidances 2021
    • CDP Climate Change 2021
    • CDP Water Security 2021
    • CDP Forests 2021
  • Scoring Methodology 2020
    • CDP Climate Change 2020
    • CDP Water Secutiry 2020
    • CDP Forests 2020


Seeking to expand the reach of the materials produced by CDP, this category gathers the relevant contents that were developed by our team for the 2021 disclosure cycle.

During the reporting cycle, our team produces materials in order to make the experience of reporting environmental information easier. Thus, several webinars and tutorials were produced to expand the respondents' understanding of the topics worked on by the CDP and the questionnaires themselves.

Category: CDP Guidance and Resources

General info

  • In the category of Webinars, themes related to climate change, water security and forests will be presented by the CDP Team.
  • In the Guidance category, there are materials that were developed by the CDP team, to support users in accessing and exploring the platform, at the time of reporting.

General Objectives of this Category:

- Increase the knowledge of respondents to CDP questionnaires

- Share all questionnaire support content for free

- Disclose the relevance of each of the themes worked by CDP

- Demonstrate how such topics are inserted in the questionnaire

- Explain how to use the CDP reporting platform

- Present documents that help respondents to improve their performance in reporting environmental issues

Target audience

Respondents seeking to improve their experience and performance in CDP questionnaires


The materials shared in this category, fully present our questionnaires, the justification behind each of the questions in it, and the methodology developed and used by CDP to assess the companies' response.


This category has no certificate.

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